Ziylan GYY

Whose foundations were laid in 1960, took a step into market with the name FLO in 2001, Ziylan Group pioneered “the shoe store” system in Turkey now serves all around Turkey more than 300 shops. With this experience Ziylan Group expended to the real estate sector establishing Ziylan Gayrimenkul Yatırım ve Yönetim A.Ş. in 2014. Ziylan Real Estate is developing new projects with the aim of generating sustainable income with its mixed-use real estate projects that constitute its portfolio.


Watergarden Istanbul, which leads the firsts in the world, brings a whole new breath to the understanding of food-beverage and entertainment. With its extraordinary concept, Watergarden in holds the show fountain that has the characteristics of the heart of Istanbul, restaurants that cater to different palates, colorful children’s areas, an adventure park full of excitement and adrenaline, fresh market which is a part of healthy life, nostalgia street with street delicacies, cinema, theater, concert areas and sport centers for sport lovers awaits you!

In Watergarden Istanbul, which is a beauty night, and enjoyable during the day, you can enjoy the restaurants, playgrounds and adventure park with your children in the daytime, and you can participate in different activities at night in the atmosphere of Watergarden Istanbul’s special color festival.

Watergarden Istanbul invites entertainment lovers to a different experience with show pool that has the most advanced water, fire, music, laser and light shows.

Morning, noon, evening… Every moment, every hour of the day goes with a completely different pleasure in Watergarden.

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